2 students trying an experiement on a pumpkin

Program Objectives

Our curriculum at the Riverview Preschool is taught in accordance with the Massachusetts Board of Education to the Early Childhood Program Standards. We are dedicated to teaching, based on the children’s needs and abilities that are age-appropriate through activities and experiences in a nurturing, responsive, and a consistent environment. We truly believe “It’s not the product but the process” in learning, which is essential to children’s healthy development and facilitates their understanding in the arts, literacy, math and science, culture and social competency.

Our process-based, hands-on, curriculum supports each child’s internal motivation to learn and spontaneous exploration through the following:

Language Arts, Literacy - encourages and supports communication, listening, conversation, collaboration, cooperation, and socialization to strengthen the competency of oral and written language.

Creative Arts - building fine motor skills through cutting, gripping, glueing, experimentation and exploration.

Creative Music & Movement - building gross motor skills through imagination, creative experiences, melodies, and patterns.

Dramatic Play - building on families, communities, world, imagination, awareness of self-identification.

Math - develops children’s cognitive development through manipulative, counting, shapes, measurements, weight, and balance.

Science - promotes cognitive development, problem-solving, discovery, critical thinking, analyzing, observing & predicting.

Computer Technology - encourages exploration, problem-solving, eye-hand coordination, strategizing, and creativity.

We promote cognitive thinking

We do this by giving the children open ended questions and problem solving skills throughout the daily routine.