Riverview boat trip

Parent/Teacher Partnership

Our Parent/Teacher Communication is very important in your child’s happiness and successful adjustment to our program. We have an ‘Open Door” policy. The parents are welcome to visit the school at any time and to consider participating in any of our activities throughout the school year.

A written progress/observation report of the child’s participation in the school is completed 3 times during the school year in parent/teacher meetings. A conference with the teacher to discuss your child’s progress may be scheduled at that time. A meeting with the director and/or teacher is welcome at any time by appointment during the school year to discuss your child’s development and progress.

To keep the partnership continuing, Riverview Preschool distributes monthly newsletters to keep you informed of the schools activities, future events at the school, announcement, and on community bulletins and resources available to support our children and families.

field trip to Marini Farms

We encourage families to participate!

We encourage constant involvement with families and care givers through fun events, field trips and take home activities. Parents with a special skill are welcomed to share that skill with the class. We have an open door policy at the school and welcome visitors anytime throughout the day.